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The Faculty of Education and Sport (University of Vigo), the Royal Spanish Canoe Federation (RFEP) and Canoeing Club Torres de Catoira,organize the IV INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF COACHES ON SPRINT CANOEING with the main purpose of increasing the technical preparation of future professionals that dedicate themselves to this sport.

The need to educate and train sport coaches comes mainly from the significant increase of canoeing clubs, medium and high level arhletes who train every day with eagerness of improvement, the age of coaches training programss and lack of trained and specialized staff

Progression in athletic performance in general and in particular endurance sports, is the result of the increasingly close relationship between coaches knowledge and scientific knowledge. The spreading of scientific knowledge and technical expertise from the same context of sporting activity is essential for training of coaches, enabling them to understand the technical and tactical fundamentals.

This conference fills the gap in the education of many coaches and/or students who due to various reasons do not have access to this particular information so they can improve their methods and training systems to their athletes.
As speakers and the expertise and training required to pass on this information, professionals with high qualifications and high preparation are needed, to achieve this we will count on coaches who are renowned nationally and internationally and ICF (International Canoe Federation) will provide support and advice.
As in previous editions, through the COMMUNICATIONS section we hope to catch the interest have the contributions from coaches and researchers who want to present experiences and results from their researches.


  • Educate technicians of canoeing clubs.
  • Educate students from the Degree of Physical Activity and Sports.
  • Provide canoeing coaches with a conference that may be a link for diffusion of scientific knowledge and sport knowledge, as well as to provide attendees with an update of technical and tactical updates and physical preparation.


  • Gather the best coaches in the world to make known the different ways of working both tactics and techniques in canoeing.
  • To instruct coaches of clubs as well as students pursuing the Degree in Physical Activity Sciences and Sports.
  • Strengthen the relationship between the university academic environment and the working environment in teams and canoeing clubs.
  • Discuss the importance of gender parity and equality in canoeing.
  • Discuss disciplines that should be incorporated in Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, to match the same medals for men and women.

It was also intended, to value the main objectives of the CEO:

  • To ensure the acquisition, preservation, description and diffusion of Olympic patrimony.
  • To promote and provide easier access to written and audiovisual Olympic collections.
  • Provide with research services, analysis and creation of contents.
  • Promote academic activities related to the Olympics and stimulate synergies and collaboration  between Centers of Olympic studies and researchers.

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